Passions Combined via MAGIC

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Author: Cassandra Cabales, MAGIC Intern When our family found out Mom was expecting, my seven-year-old self did a lot of self-evaluation and preparation because I wanted to be the best big sister ever. My sister arrived 7 years after me; my brother one year after her. As the two little ones were growing up, I […]

When my two worlds collide: ABA and MAGIC

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Author: Kimberly Ramos, MAGIC Instructor In addition to teaching for MAGIC, I am also a Behavioral Skills Therapist at a company that provides treatment services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. These services are based in the scientific approach of Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA for short. ABA is the application of learning and motivation […]

Thank You, MAGIC

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Author: Nina Odegaard, MAGIC Intern About two weeks ago, I walked across the stage at my graduation from Santa Clara University and received my college diploma. That entire Saturday was filled with family, friends and so many people I have gotten close with over the past four years. Amongst all the chaos, my heart was […]

MAGIC As A Learning Tool

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Author: Berenice Ruiz, MAGIC Intern Play can be defined as an action that is performed voluntarily, repeatedly, and intrinsically and, or motivated. Movement is key to the social, emotional, and physical development of children. Through a variety of methods, children can learn how to manipulate objects and materials in the world around them while being […]

Not Your Ordinary Dance Program

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Author: Jacqueline Duong, MAGIC Instructor Coming from a formal dancing background and teaching classes at local studios, I immediately notice differences between class structure and teacher attention. Even with tiny-tots classes that utilize ribbons, parachutes, and maracas, there remains a slight discrepancy in teacher sensitivity. In my months working with other teachers at MAGIC, I […]

Self-Made MAGIC

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This month, Miss Kimi wrote a Creative Nonfiction piece about our Creative Director for one of her classes at Santa Clara University. Our team thought it did an excellent job of explaining where Miss Chelsea found the inspiration to create MAGIC Dance Arts. Enjoy! Author: Kimberly Ramos, MAGIC Instructor Chelsea Sioxson took a deep breath […]

MAGIC at Bay Area Autism Speaks Walk

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Author: Charlene Estolas, MAGIC Intern In mid-April, the MAGIC Dance Arts team had the chance to take part in the Bay Area’s Autism Speaks Walk event at History Park in San Jose. Tons of families, friends, and supporters came together to celebrate and walk in honor for their loved ones affected by Autism. This year’s […]

Autism ACTION Month

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Author: Chelsea Sioxson, Creative Director & Co-founder of MAGIC Dance Arts What comes to mind when you think of the month of April? For some people, it’s spring time. For others (including myself), it’s a birthday month. For the Autism community, it has almost become a “festival season” in honor of Autism Awareness Month. But many people are […]

Becoming an Advocate

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Author: Nina Odegaard, MAGIC Intern I look back on this past year working with MAGIC, and I am prompted to reflect on how my perspective has shifted and how working with kids with special needs has shaped that. As I wrote about in my first blog post I’m In a Store and I’m Singing…(click to […]

Being Part of the MAGIC

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Author: Sarah Estrada, MAGIC Intern Teaching a population of differently-abled children can be difficult. Some days, as an assistant, I remind children of the song we’re singing in class when they get distracted. On other days, I ask the children to show me a particular movement to have them focus on one particular task. From […]